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About us

About Frank and Doll

Samantha Davies is the creative force behind Frank and Doll boutique.

The name Frank and Doll is inspired by her late grandparent’s Frank and Dolly.

Frank was an old fashioned gentleman who charmed wherever he went.

Dolly was a babycham sipping red lipstick wearing beauty who oozed class and glamour. She passed her effortless chic and timeless style down through her generations.

Together they were Frank and Doll.

The pieces you see on Frank and Doll boutique have be carefully hand selected from all over this beautiful land. From the laid back styles of Australian label Mink Pink to the California based brand 'For Love and Lemons' who's dresses are cool with a gothic edge. Frank has a look for whatever Doll you choose to be today. 


Frank and Dolls love life, freedom and only the best parties. Wild but never wreckless. A social butterfly and a loving homebird. Enjoys road trips, festivals, vintage tea parties and the sound of retro vinyl’s.

She knows what she wants and exactly how to get it….

She is out to dress the world, one doll at a time….


Always remember Frank loves you Doll…