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Frank Meets FashionLush….

Spend more than a few minutes on Erica Stolman’s blog and you will want her to be your best friend. She’s got great style, the BEST DIY tips ( is our personal fav) and is the coolest chic eva!

We met up with the San Diego based babe for coffee and a chat…



*What motivates you to keep the blog current & fresh?

My readers! I have gained such a loyal & awesome following over the years, so it’s important to me to provide them with quality content to keep them coming back to the blog.


*If you could go shopping with anyone who & why?

My first thought would be Mary Kate Olsen because she is my no.1 style icon, but I don’t think I’d be able to move or function in her presence, so I would maybe go with Monica Rose (the Kardashian’s stylist). I am obsessed w/ the looks she pulls for Kylie & Kendall!


*Advice for anyone wanting to start a fashion blog?

Eek. This is the no.1 question bloggers get asked, & sadly, I don’t think my answer is one that anyone ever likes to hear. Honestly, I’d say to first evaluate WHY you want to be a blogger. If your end goal is an easy job that gets you free clothes, tons of followers, trips around the world, etc., DON’T DO IT. Blogging is a real job, far from easy, requires your full attention, & being as saturated market as it is today, it’s hard to stand out as a big fish in a small pond. If what you love about the blogging world is the creative & business side of it, I’d suggest providing bloggers with a product/service they need. There are so many bloggers out there, so rather than trying to join them, use them as your target market!

If you are dead set on blogging, my advice to you would be to find a niche & stick to it, stay consistent, provide quality content, & create a strong brand. 



*What obstacles you have faced in blogging?

Maintaining my confidence & positive attitude! There are so many amazing women blogging out there, so it’s only human nature to compare yourself. As

I’ve gotten older & grown in my career, I’ve learned to stay in my own lane & just focus on what works for me, yet every now & then I can/do let the comparing

get to me a bit too much. I love my job & wouldn’t change it for the world, but having your world on display majority of the time can get tough!


 *Where do you see Fashionlush in 5 years time?

When the time is right, I hope to have an extension of the brand in the form of product. I studied the business of fashion in college & it’s always been a dream of mine to design/create, so that’d be a really exciting & rewarding venture for me!


We obvs stalk your blog & social media who’s blogs do you like to follow?
Check out Erica’s blog and get hooked on her DIY tips and style like us –

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