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Roxanne cole (better known as Roxancolex) is one of the newest bloggers on the scene with http://www.roxancolex.blogspot.co.uk launching just over a year ago and she’s already making waves! We caught up with the Devon based babe to find out a little more about her!


My name is Roxanne Cole, or known as Roxancolex on my blog and social media. I’m 20 years old and I live in Devon! I have been blogging for just over a year now, it feels like way longer! I was always interested in vlogging since I was 15/16 so it’s weird how I started a blog right? But we’ll get to that soon! I’m not currently vlogging but I’m hoping to start a YouTube channel around the start of the year, which I can’t wait for!
Roxane were big fans of your blog please tell us how you got started in the blogging world?


A friend of mine knew about my love for YouTube and vlogging, and told me I should start a blog just in the meantime and then to start a YouTube channel once I’m ready! I didn’t know to much about blogging, as I was always more into YouTube but once I started blogging It was amazing, it could be easy to give up if you feel like your not getting anywhere but I don’t see it like that, for me it’s a hobby, it’s fun and I love the community, I couldn’t imagine my life without blogging now!


Who are your fashion & blogging world inspirations? 
My blogging inspirations are luanna90, Samantha Maria and Kristin Sundberg. I’m so obsessed with these guys at the moment! My fashion icons are Suki Waterhouse, Sahara Ray and Louisa Rose Allen from foxes.

Tell us a little about your personal style?

I’m always experimenting with my personal style, a lot of the time I’ll go for a laid back casual look but still want to make it more exciting with some good accessories and a good pair of trainers!

What is your biggest obstacle you have faced in blogging?
My biggest obstacle I’ve faced through blogging is where I live, living so far away from London really gets me down as I miss out on all these amazing opportunities I get invited to and I can’t go. I think moving to London would help my blogging career alot!


What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a fashion blog? 
My advice would be to just have fun with it. Being interested in photography/editing/writing and the social media side of things is key! Try not to put pressure on yourself to much or on the way you look compared to other bloggers and how good you are at it. It takes years to build a blog and everybody starts from the bottom remember! Just have fun with it and enjoy it!
If you could go shopping with any celeb who would it be and why? 


If I could go shopping with any celeb it would have to be Rihanna! I think her personal style is amazing, I want her magic touch on my closet!

Where do you hope to see yourself in the next 5 years?
I’m hoping in the next five years to have my own place near London, have a YouTube channel Aswell as my blog. Hopefully have a pug and just be very happy in in general!

Quick fire questions – 
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