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5 Best ways to style a women's wrap top: Plus everything you need to know this season

by Frank and Doll February 22, 2022 4 min read

5 Best ways to style a women's wrap top: Plus everything you need to know this season

Women’s wrap tops are having a fashion moment right now, and it makes perfect sense to us.

These comfortable yet attractive garments are the perfect solution to the eternal 'What should I wear'? question faced by so many women every day as they get dressed in the morning. Whether you’re dressing for work or going out to run errands, wrap tops are an easy way to look put-together and stylish without much effort at all.

What is a Women's Wrap Top?

There are so many women’s wrap tops available these days, how do you choose? How do you style a women’s wrap top? What goes with it? Where should you wear it and when can you wear it? These are all questions I intend to answer in my ‘ultimate guide.’ Please find below some essential tips on what women’s wrap tops are, how to style them, what to wear with them & the different types available to you!

5 different ways to style a women's wrap top and how to wear a wrap top.

Wearing wrap tops doesn’t have to be tricky. Here are five simple ways to wear a wrap top and still look like you’ve got your fashion wits about you . Try one or try them all, we won’t judge.

A great way to begin styling your women’s wrap top is by thinking about how you want people to see it. Do you want it to be showy and stand out, or do you prefer something more low-key?

1. Women who like their tops more on the showy side might try layering with a scarf, belt, or other accessory.

2. Those who prefer a more understated look can simply pair their wrap with another piece of clothing that has an equally simple vibe.

3. With that in mind, you can choose an outfit based on what goes with your women’s wrap top. If it’s something flashy and fancy, you can pair it with a simple but stylish skirt and some heels or boots.

4. If you want something more laid-back, try jeans and heeled sandals. Jeans can be paired with any style of top; whether it’s long-sleeved or short-sleeved, they go well together because they are both relatively casual pieces of clothing.

5. No matter what you wear your women’s wrap top with, remember that layering is key. Whether it’s with a simple tank or blouse, or another layer on top of that, you can’t go wrong by layering. This is especially true if you live in an area where temperatures fluctuate seasonally.

What Accessories Can I Wear With my Wrap top?

I’ve always been a fan of accessories, whether it be an arm full of bangles or oversized earrings that draw attention away from my face. Since I love layering, it’s easy for me to dress up any outfit with a stack of bracelets or dangle earrings and turn heads. A women’s wrap top is great because you can wear multiple accessories that go with any occasion, whether it be summer wedding or first date night out on town.

I’ve listed 5 ways you can wear your accessories with your women’s wrap tops. Let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas for what accessories to wear with a women’s wrap tops!

What are the different types of wraps?

There are two basic types of women’s wraps: short wraps, which cover your waist and your hips, and long wraps, which go from just under your bust all the way down past your hips. Each type has its own advantages.

Short Wrap Tops

Short wraps are great for showing off longer skirts and dresses, as well as for pairing with shorts.

Longer Wrap Tops

Longer wraps are easier to tuck into trousers or jeans (especially if you’re taller). Many brands make both styles—so take some time shopping around before committing.

What Shoes To Wear With My Women's Wrap Top?

Before anything else, you need shoes! Your choice of shoe will depend on what type of women’s wrap top you have.

If your women’s wrap top is more loose and has more fabric around your neck area, then you can wear ankle boots or any kind of flat shoes with it.

However, if your women’s wrap tops are form fitting around your neck, then I suggest that you wear heels so that it covers up your feet.

What to wear under a wrap top?

Wear a longline bralette under your wrap top for additional support and coverage. Longline bras are perfect for women with larger busts, since they provide more support than other styles. If you don’t own one yet, we highly recommend buying one (or ten) immediately! Make sure that whatever type of bra you wear fits comfortably, is supportive and doesn’t cut into your skin or create bra bulge.

Sleeveless underneath a wrap top?: If you don’t want to or can’t wear a longline bra, try wearing an undershirt or tank underneath your wrap top.

You can also try layering another shirt on top—just make sure it hangs loose enough that nothing is peeking out of your shirt!

Our conclusion: The women's wrap top

It just keeps getting better with wrap tops this season. Not only are they completely on trend, but you can wear them in any season—just switch up your layers! Our favourite here at Frank and Doll is our spring summer floral wrap top.

With so many options of styling & making it casual or smart casual or even formal, there really is no excuse not to grab one this season! Check out our full collection of women's wrap tops by clicking here.

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