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Loungewear is back: The best 2022 fashion guide to loungewear

by Frank and Doll February 22, 2021 6 min read

Loungewear is back: The best 2022 fashion guide to loungewear

Never before has a trend made as much sense as loungewear does today, in times of a pandemic. One of my constant concerns before leaving the house was to make sure that my clothes had a cool and cheerful style, but also that they were elegant and comfortable. After all, I would never be able to reconcile household chores with the office routine and still go to the gym if I had to make several clothes changes during the day. And it was from this need that I rediscovered the way I dressed. And you can too!

What is loungewear style?

The publisher of the multi-famous fashion magazine Vogue Hong Kong defined this clothing line as "A contentious category, where lines are frequently blurred as to what is or isn't socially acceptable to wear outside of the house". This definition was very similar to that obtained by "Juicy Couture" - a brand created in the middle of 95 by Nash-Taylor and Skaist-Levy. The goal of both lines; to provide clothes that offer fit, comfort, suitable fabrics, and exuberance of colors.

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The second line followed the tracksuits' direction, popularized by famous personalities like Madonna and Paris Hilton around the 2000s. Such a good time... But I must confess that despite several brands betting on different versions of the original "juicy couture" I limited their use to the days when I went to the gym or had long flights. They really knead little and are great for settling next to restless children, but I found it so little chic that I didn't feel comfortable at meetings.

The brands gradually realized that the clothes should accompany people's needs and not the opposite, changing the preconceived ideas about style and uses. So, the barrier between home and work, city and countryside were broken. In this new vision, everyone could use everything, spreading the use of these modern and empowering clothes. 

The big adoption in loungewear sets

As we all lived through, the year 2020 brought a chaotic pandemic that paralyzed the world for many months. From one day to the next, we had to adapt to new routines, blurring all the lines of family, work, self-care, and relationships, into a single space serving all these functions. Many choose to spend days and days in pajamas, while others increased the demand for clothes to stay working at home.

The intermediate style between clothes traditionally considered "to go out in" and the looks used "to sleep" won everyone's hearts. From it-girls to attentive to new catwalk trends, to people who care about the serenity of the interior. And, of course, it won our hearts at Frank and Doll completely.

Bold approach with Women Designer Pajamas

For those who like bold looks, full of style and charm that capture attention as soon as we enter a room: there are loungewear sets that resemble pajamas! Gigi Hadid shocked everyone by appearing on New York's streets in 2017 with such a set of green and white stripes, with her name embroidered. Chic and bold! She gave her personal touch of style by choosing to put a part of the blouse into the pants, finishing the outfit with white high-heeled sandals and 70's aviator-style glasses.

Hadid helped to leave this style on the rise, causing several celebrities to adopt the unconventional style at events and awards. Bruna Marquezini, a Brazilian actress, wore a similar look at the Venice Film Festival 2018. Using a model from the Agent Provocateur brand made of silk and with straight cuts, the outfit stood out for being all in a rosé background with the little leopards.

In the previous year, Kate Moss attended a fashion show in Paris dressed in safari-inspired loungewear, and they are just a few examples. This growing trend boomed in 2020 and remains high, winning catwalks and international fashion weeks. Fortunately, people are willing to break social barriers and dare in style! We dare you too!!

Why you should wear loungewear right now!!

The benefits are huge if you are willing to embark on this trend that combines comfort with style. The biggest benefit is clear to us; YOU WILL FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE. With so many prints such as stripes/animal, customizations such as personalizations with monograms such as those used by Hadid, types of fabrics & also cuts. You absolutely WILL find something you love if you are willing to take a chance and be bold!

We have to confess that we love classic cuts but with a touch of extravagant detailing. With this style, we feel finally we have an outfit that is versatile and fashionable at the same time! Able to adapt to different routine situations, such as preparing a quiet breakfast for the family, taking the children to swim, attending office meetings, having drinks with friends after hours, and still going out for an elegant dinner with our partners.

How to look astonishing in loungewear

If you want a refined and more discreet combination or your event is during the day, bet on thin high heels or pumps in a single color, if possible in the same shade. Doing so will shift your gaze to your clothing and not to your feet or accessories. In contrast, if you want flashy looks or the event is during the night, don't be afraid to rock with spikes, sparkles, or mooring shoes. Use and abuse of your creativity when choosing the combination.

Particularly, if the event requires me to stand for a long time or involves a rural setting, we would consider sneakers the best choice. It is also an excellent option for those who will go to the park or have a more casual event at friends' houses. And, of course, if you're just going to stay at home, do like me and bet on fluffy slippers.

Look how cool these combinations are! Clearly, both are comfortable, stylish, inspire confidence, and stunning. And the best part is that you don't have to buy a small size, because the fun is in being something lighter and bigger, just like pajamas tend to be.

In the case of Frank & Doll, we bet on a retro-inspired look with a glamorous touch through the feathers. This combination of balls with feathers was the perfect marriage between chic and daring. And the lightweight fabric provides the comfort needed for a routine full of chores and meetings. Another notable highlight is the possibility of the feathers being detached to facilitate washing. Is it or is it not a brand that cares about the smallest details? Practicality is everything, and our time is precious, so items like this are important when washing clothes.

The frank and doll Isla loungewear set

The frank and doll Isla loungewear set

We loved the shoe that matched the pants, keeping the top neutral. Accessories make all the difference! You get a new look by betting on maxi-necklaces, leather jackets, overcoats, and different bags. And as a general rule, I recommend opting for basic accessories if you choose loungewear sets with very flashy prints or with various details. However, if you choose a basic monochrome model, try to differentiate yourself by using dazzling accessories.

The loungewear trend in the spotlight

If you think this trend is limited to catwalks and celebrity awards, you couldn't be more wrong. Anyone who is a fan of the Dynasty series may already have recognized when the character Fallon Carrington used - in the 1X09 episode - a pink silk outfit decorated with flowers. The blouse was tighter at the waist, and she opted for a mule peep-toe, making the combination beautiful and full of personality. This outfit would allow her to have meetings at the company, attend press conferences, and ride in the family's huge stud farm; she would just have to change the shoe for that last activity, obviously.


In the Front Row

We love this article & youtube clip by Victoria at In the Frow. She matches stunning pieces together to bring stunning ideas of how to make the most from your loungewear. Give her a follow & keep upto date with some of the newest styles & must haves. She also has a dedicated article on the cosiest loungewear and pajamas here.

The lifestyle blogger uk

Becky is definitely right on the money when it comes to fashion meeting comfort in this blog article. She's got an amazing ease with style & hits the nail on the head with all her recommendations on when fashion meets comfort

Melissa Jane Lee

Melissa Jane Lee has a great eye for fashion and her article here on how to wear loungewear has some brilliant ideas on loungewear specifically. We also love all of her recommendations and favourites from things such as homeware to cruelty-free beauty products.

Frank and Dolls Loungewear Conclusion... Don't be like the rest of them...

In conclusion, women's loungewear clothes are perfect examples of how it is possible to be sexy without being vulgar, using a fashionable and versatile look. Generally made with noble materials such as silk, but also with the possibility of being presented in different versions, and at a lower cost, such as cotton. We can cover our least favorite parts and display exactly what we want through impeccable cuts and prints. Especially today, when we turn to what is essential in our lives, including the need for comfort and elegance, women's designer pajamas show that it is possible to have both.

Inspired? Let us know how you wear yours, if you have any styling questions & tag and share this article with friends you think might love our loungewear.

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